Nimrod Sportsman Pipe Lighter

Nimrod Sportsman Pipe Lighter

Fully functional reconditioned Nimrod Sportsman Pipe Lighter USA from the 1950s this is the early Patent 2432265 Model, and is in Magnificent used condition.

****Cleaned inside and out, Polished to a mirror shine, fully Functional and consistently lights.***

Takes Fluid fuel, and standard flint. (Zippo style)

A beautifully simple design and an easy fill.

bottom unscrews to fill, and a simple screw to refill flint.

Pull open, strike wheel to light, slide closed to extinguish. The classy yet simple design is why these have survived so long, and continue to be a favorite among pipe smokers and smokers in general.

3 1/8" long x 3/4" wide

Lightly fueled for demonstration purposes, and a new flint has been installed.


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